Grand Old Flag Pincushion

Supply List for item as shown: 2" x 3" x 1.5" deep paper mache box
12"x12" sheet of scrapbooking paper
Sponge Brush
Muslin - cut 2 pieces approx. 12"x12"
DMC Floss #336: 2' length
DMC Floss #221: 3' length
Stuffing material (fiber fill, sawdust, emery sand, etc.)
Glue Gun
Remove & discard top of box. Cut scrapbooking paper into 2 pieces: Strip A 3" x 12", Strip B 3" x 12". Generously coat inside & outside of box (all surfaces) with ModPodge, then also coat Strip A. Wrap Strip A around the sides of the box, overhanging the top & bottom of the box by .5". Cut off excess overlapping with scissors. Clip each overhanging corner (4 on top & 4 on bottom, and fold & smooth over the edges, forming a .5" edge inside the top of the box and covering the bottom edge by .5" (measurements are approximate since these boxes aren't exactly square. Smooth the paper as much as possible. At this point, make sure Strip B is going to fit the inside measurement of your box's width & trim if necessary. Coat uncovered area of box bottom and inside with another layer of ModPodge, and also coat the back of Strip B. Beginning with the inside bottom, wrap & smooth Strip B up the inside, down the outside, over the bottom, and back up the other side until it reaches the inside again. Trim if necessary. Apply another coat of ModPodge to entire box and set it aside to dry. Drying will probably take 2 hrs but each one is different.
Transfer your design to the center of 1 piece of muslin with your preferred method of transfer. I like to use quilter's disappearing ink markers or quilters wash-out markers to trace the design onto the fabric using a light box. Once the pattern is marked, place the marked fabric on top of the blank fabric and run a baste stitch with any thread approx. 1" away from the pattern all the way around to make sure the bottom fabric doesn't slip out of alignment. Load your needle with 3 strands of the dark blue floss (#336) and take long running stitches to make each leg of the star, then complete the X's around it. Tie a good knot on the back & cut. Reload your needle with 3 strands of the dark red floss and make running stitches for the marked stripes. After all stripes are complete, knot & cut. NOW, HERE'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: Using any color floss you want, stitch your name or initials and the year into the margin of the muslin at least 2" away from the design. Although this won't show, 100 years from now when someone takes it apart, they will at least know how old it is & who made it ... Now, see why that is the most important part???
Take long running stitches with quilting thread (or any sewing machine thread) around the outer edge of the double layer of muslin & pull & gather it loosely. Stuff with enough stuffing so that it will fit snugly into the box. It is a matter of trial & error. When you are happy with it, remove it & use your glue gun on the inside of the box and replace it.
Embellish with some prim goodies! (The tiny spools can be found at the craft store)
ENJOY! Joyce from Everydaysies